10 Amazing Pleasures Of Human Existence

By on May 11, 2018

When we talk about pleasures, sex invariably comes to mind. However, if we think about it, real pleasures are hidden in our everyday life. From spotting a shooting star to letting out a fart that you’ve been holding in are these not real pleasures we should count in?

Here are 10 greatest pleasure which will make you nod your head in agreement!

1. Bumping into a long lost friend in a public transport.

2. Letting out a fart at the end of a first date, after holding it in all evening.

3. Sleeping all night without waking up once.

4. Buying that one thing you’ve been saving up for a long time.

5. Getting into a warm bed with a blanket after a long tiring day.

6. Getting a corner seat in a crowded metro bus.

7. Getting a correct answer to a math problem.

8. Dislodging stubborn food from your teeth.

9. Peeing after you’ve been holding it in like for what feels like a decade.

10. Getting your first salary credited message on the phone

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