Know more about Precious Pearl Actor – Bruno Gagliasso

By on March 8, 2019

Bruno Gagliasso Marques was born on April 13, 1982, He is a Brazilian actor.

He began his career as a child, making figuration in Rede Globo soap operas. In 1999 He participated in the episode “Papai é Gay!” Program Você Decide. The following year made a cameo in the 2000 season of the show Malhação teen, whose protagonists were experienced by Ludmila Dayer and Fábio Azevedo. Then he moved to the SBT, which emerged in his first action in a more expressive novel, when he attended Chiquititas.

In 2001 he signed with Globe, the station which remains contracted until the present day, to join the cast of the novel As Filhas da Mãe, as Artur, son of Rosalva character of Regina Casé.

In 2007 he won his first villain in novels, the seductive bastard Ivan and Paraíso Tropica. In contrast to finalization operations in 2008 lived in the romantic Eduardo of Ciranda de Pedra. Emendo In the following year he reappeared in the video with schizophrenic Tarso in India – A Love Story.

In 2010 he played the role of Italian bigamist Berillo Rondelli Passione in the novel. In 2011, six of the novel Cordel Encantado played the wicked Colonel Timóteo, the antagonist of the central plot.

In 2013, Bruno starred in the movie Mato sem Cachorro alongside Leandra Leal and the novel Joia Rara along with Bianca Bin.

In 2014, the actor refused proposals to act in two upcoming soap operas, Búu and Falso Brilhante, instead he chose to make the TV series Dupla Identidade, on which he played the main role as a serial killer.

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