4 Vital Signs You Are Loving Your Job, Even If It Doesn’t Feel That Way

By on January 29, 2018
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You spend most of your waking hours at work and so, it’s important to know that you are in the right job. Being stuck in a role that doesn’t suit your capabilities might leave you feeling unfulfilled. However, at times, you may not see the obvious – that you have landed a great job and that your contributions are making a difference.

Here are a few subtle signs that can help you realise you are in the right job.

1. You challenge yourself
You break your comfort zone every day to take on risks that you otherwise wouldn’t if you were stuck in a wrong job. You work at an organisation that recognises your work, and doesn’t punish you for every little mistake you make. It’s a sign that you work in an ideal environment that is conducive for your growth and development.

2. Your boss pushes you
There’s a difference between nice bosses and good bosses. Nice bosses can be extra sweet but they may avoid conflicts instead of resolving them. Good bosses, on the other hand, will offer their support whenever you need it. He/she will push your limits because they know what challenges will help you grow. Good bosses will always strike a balance.

3. Your colleagues are your friends

When you bond with the people you work with at work, you push each other to give your best. Your friendship works in your favour because you are a team. You challenge each other as much you challenge yourself. That is a sure shot sign that you have landed in the right place.

4. Your organisation does well
This is an external factor, but it helps you internalise your own accomplishments. Ask yourself this – would you rather be at a place that’s dying a slow death even if you love your job? It’s important to be a part of a workplace that’s on the map. Because your contributions, however big or small, have aided your organisation’s success.

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