5 facts you ought to know about Marianela González, Female lead in “the sweetest love”.

By on January 15, 2018

1. Marianela’s birth name is Marianela Aime González Álvarez. Her eyes and hair are dark brown colored and she is 1,70 metres (5′ 7″) high. Her father is an airline pilot and because of it her family has had the opportunity to travel. Her mother is Spanish from Asturias, Spain.

2. Marianela’s favorite color is red and her favorite book is “A orillas del río Piedra me senté y lloré” by Paolo Coelho. Her favorite actors are Robert De Niro and Julia Roberts. Her favorite song is Ronan Keatings “When you say nothing at all” from the movie Notting Hill. She has a dog named Take. Her favorite food is sushi.

3. In real life she is good friends with her fellow actress Aileen Celeste.The two of them have co-starred in three telenovelas: La Niña de mis Ojos, Mi Gorda Bella and Por todo lo Alto.

4. When asked to describe herself in three words she said she was bad-mannered, positive and generous. She also said that her best quality is being a really good friend. The worst defect she considered to have was that she always relied on reason and wanted to have the last word on everything. She said that she is most happy when she is in the company of her friends and loved ones. And most sad when she is alone.

5. Marianela’s ideal man would be sincere, diligent, intelligent, understanding and someone who would appreciate her as she is. She believes in marriage, but not in love at first sight.

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