5 Reasons No Greater Love is Worth Watching

By on March 7, 2017
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No Greater Love depicts the love story of Samuel and Isabelle, whose fates are tested by time and the conflicts between their families. Samuel hails from a family of farm workers while Isabelle is the only daughter of plantation owner. Jake Cuenca plays Franco, who is raised as the son of the town’s Governor, while Julia Montes is cast as Mona, Samuel’s childhood friend.

Love stories between the rich and the poor have been depicted over and over again in romance novels, TV shows, and movies.

It has become typical to show how people from different backgrounds end up fighting for their love against all odds.

In the opening sequence of the series, Coco Martin’s character named Samuel is shown standing in front of a rundown mansion. He walks around the area until he ends up in front of a fountain where he is seen holding up a diary.

His opening spiel underscores the gargantuan task befalling upon his shoulders: fighting for love in a predetermined world. Can he find love beyond one’s station in life?

The story of ‘No Greater Love’ begins in 1964 when an impoverished family decides to work as farm workers in the hacienda owned by the Governor Eduardo.

A young Samuel, who hails from a family of plantation workers, befriends Isabelle even though she is forbidden to interact with him because she is the daughter of farm owner.

It might sound like a typical poor-boy-falls-in-love-with-rich-girl story but ‘No Greater Love’ proves to be much more than that.

Here are 5 reasons why No Greater Love is worth watching:

1. The retro music and outfits are totally groovy.

The creators of the period drama put a lot of effort into the production design and it is interesting to observe elements that aim to add authenticity to the show. In one party scene, vintage bottles of Coke are used just to establish a particular time period.

Even the hairstyles and the wardrobe are carefully chosen to evoke a certain era.
Key scenes are also enhanced by the use of songs evoking the era.

2. The young cast members offer a perfect mix of humor and depth.

ABS-CBN has found real gems in child stars Zaijian Jaranilla, Alyanna Angeles, Louise Abuel, and Xyriel Manabat. They are cast as the young Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Jake Cuenca, and Julia Montes, respectively.

3. It harks back to the time when politicians were worthy of being called statesmen.

Another performance that is worthy of hearty applause is the kind-hearted Governor Eduardo.

At one point, Samuel is accused wrongly of a crime, which is why he and his mother Elena are struck repeatedly by the cruel foreman Paquito.

Eduardo stops the punishment, making us wish all public officials were like him.

4. It is worth seeing who will end up with whom.

ABS-CBN’s touted “Teleserye King” Coco Martin and “Teleserye Princess” Kim Chiu are paired in this project even as there is clamor for CocoJul [referring to the Coco-Julia Montes tandem].

Both actresses who portrayed Mona (Xyriel Manabat and Julia Montes) both did a great job of demonstrating affection for Samuel (Zaijian Jaranilla and Coco Martin), which lays the foundation for interesting scenarios in the future.

5. The television series is grounded on real issues about land ownership.

No Greater Love offers not just a love story but it also serves as an eye opener on the conditions of plantation workers who are dependent on seasonal work. The story does not shy away from tackling complex problems involving class struggles and the disparity between the rich and the poor.

It is ironic to see that in a world revolving around sweet sugarcane, people have to bite a bitter pill of reality.

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