5 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life And Didn’t Even Realise It

By on June 14, 2018

A lot of us don’t really get into the how and what of things. For us, it’s a whole lot of potato-patato that we don’t really need to get into. But what if we were to tell you that you’ve been doing some everyday stuff the wrong way all your life?

Seems unbelievable doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry because it is never too late to change your ways. It might surprise you, take time to accept you’ve been messing up but once you get over this awkward phase, you’ll learn how to do things the right way. We got you 9 things you need to correct right away:

1. Can’t believe we’ve been eating cupcakes wrong all this while!
The right way to eat cupcake is to break the lower bit and place it on the creamy top.

2. Your earphones will not fall off the place now, if you place it the right way.
The right way to wear them is coiling them over you ear.

3. The right way to eat pizza is to hold the both sides of it slightly instead of just picking it up. It helps your favourite toppings stay on-top of the Pizza slice.

4. The right way to chop mango is cutting out of cubes and then peeling them off.

5. Don’t cup your wine glass with your whole hands, it etiquette is to hold it from the stem.

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