5 ways you can handle criticism in the best possible manner

By on May 17, 2018

Criticism not only makes us a better individual but also teaches us things that nothing else can.

Here are 5 best ways to handle criticism in the best possible manner.

1. Learn to be a good listener first.
Figure out if the criticism is a constructive statement or just plain rude. Only focusing on the hurtful aspects of the feedback will only harm you. So before jumping to a conclusion, one must determine and understand the message behind it.

2. Perfection does not exist and you are not perfect either, accept that.
Everyone has flaws and if you are unable to see yours, then you must sit back and analyze more about yourself.

3. Remind yourself of the things that really matter to you.
This can make you less defensive in the moment when someone criticizes you for a particular thing. If your recent performance at work is being criticized, think about how you helped a poor lady the other day. Because the values you care about will always shore up your self-esteem.

4. See criticism as a sign of others’ belief in you and your abilities.
There is always room for doing better. And if you have that person to show you that room, you are more than lucky my friend. Remember school days when teachers used to give us patchy feedback even if we did well? Exactly.

5. Take time and gather your thoughts when in that sudden moment of getting defensive.
Being impulsive does not help anyway. Those few seconds will let your adrenaline surge crest. One way to do it? Let them keep talking.

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