9 dating terms you need to know as a millennial.

By on February 15, 2018

It’s not like we didn’t hang out in pubs and bars and go out on movie dates a decade ago. But the dynamics and terminology used in dating lingo today are unrecognisable for most non-millennials as well as ardent traditionalists.

Not only has the dating landscape changed but modern day terminology has turned into a minefield of technical jargon that sounds alien to anyone who dated regularly a decade ago.

Here are 9 such dating terms that you ought to know if you’re looking to enter into the dating game or venture out often on dates:

When you’re not into someone enough to commit or date them, but you don’t want them to move on and find someone else either; so you just hold on to them and keep them waiting.

Origin: When you are on a sports team in the squad that it is ‘playing’ but just spend time on bench in the never-ending wait for your coach to summon you into the game.

When you send flirtatious but sporadic non-committal messages because you have no intention of dating this person, but neither the courage to end things completely to avoid confrontation.

Origin: Comes from the thought of making a weaker living organism follow the trail of breadcrumbs you leave behind for them.

Catch and release
When you put in an unrealistic amount of effort into flirtatious texting and attention towards someone, but lose interest the moment they agree to date you and seek out your next target.

Origin: A practice that is undertaken in recreational fishing with the intention of conservation, where fish are unhooked and returned into the water after quick measurement and weighing test.

When you stay in contact with another romantic ‘potential’ contact, just in case it doesn’t end well with the person you’re dating. You keep the other person on the periphery, like a backup, but mildly interested by indulging in light chatting and flirting.

Origin: Comes from the idea of surrounding yourself with one or more romantic prospects to ‘cushion’ the blow in case you have a fall out with your partner.

When you lure someone into a relationship by pretending to be someone else on the internet. Stealing someone’s else’s profile, including their photos, and using multiple profiles as well is part of the ordeal.

Origin: The term is ingrained in the minds of people due to the successful documentary, called Catfish, which was released in 2010.

When you vanish from someone’s life without a trace, not text or messages or calls or emails, because they no longer interest you and you don’t want to deal with the difficulty of telling them. It’s worse than breadcruming since you end things abruptly leaving the other person confused and hurt.

Origin: The fact that ghosts are best known for their habit of disappearing makes this an apt explanation of its roots.

Slow fade
Similar to ‘ghosting’, except you gradually cut ties instead of abruptly doing so to avoid hurting the person. You slowly fade away from the other person’s life; which includes reducing the response to calling or texting, cancelling plans and unwilling to make new ones, eventually dwindling down to almost no contact.

Origin: Similar to breadcruming, slow fading away from someone’s life is similar to letting someone go without saying so or letting them flat on their face.

When you avoid introducing someone you’re dating to your family and friends and don’t publicise or speak about them on any platform; online or otherwise. A partner who is ‘stashed’ is kept away as one of your best-kept secrets.

Origin: Similar to stashing away anything and keeping hush about it; whether it be money or your favourite snack that keeps getting stolen.

When you stealthily remove a condom in the midst of having sex, which has now been labelled as another form of sexual assault. You do so just so you can continue bare skin, to enjoy the ‘feeling’ of not using rubber at the risk of infection.

Origin: As the name suggests, stealthing is a sneaky manoeuvre you perform during the act and one that is done with the intention of keeping it a secret.

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