Beyhadh: Romantic thriller showcasing two different shades of love

By on May 18, 2019

Willing to do anything for Maya, she has been using Samay to prevent Saanjh from ever earning Arjun’s affections. With Samay’s help, Maya makes Arjun believe that his brother Ayaan tried to rape her. Saanjh is unable to prove Ayan’s innocence in court. Samay, in an effort to prove his love for Maya, by his own volition kills Saanjh’s father Prem who had gotten his hands on crucial evidence against Maya. Samay then blackmails Maya using this evidence. Saanjh gets to know about Samay because of a tattoo on his back. Samay abducts Maya, and Arjun comes to know about Maya’s past and Samay’s plan. Arjun saves Maya because she is pregnant with Arjun’s child.

Back to back episodes of Beyhadh showing 5PM WAT on TelevistaTV, DsTV Channel 194 & GoTV Channel 15.

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