Brad Pitt Looks Down & Out On Set Of New Movie

By on August 16, 2017

Brad Pitt seems to be burying himself in his work as divorce negotiations continue with Angeline Jolie. However, he still looked sad on set on Aug. 14. Is the breakup taking it’s toll on him?

Brad Pitt is certainly a trooper! The 53-year-old actor has had a rough year between his divorce from Angelina Jolie, 42, and the shocking abuse allegations. Of course, he keeps moving forward, and is now working on a new sci-fi film called Ad Astra. However, he looked a little sad on set on Aug. 14. Could that be because his divorce is moving forward?

Brad stepped out of his trailer looking a little mopey. He was hotter than ever in a button-down shirt and tie with black slacks, all of which put his trimmer body on display. However, his eyes looked sad and the corners of his mouth turned down. We hope he’s feeling alright. He looks way too good to be sad!

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