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By on June 26, 2017

In a village in India, live the Bednis, where young women and girls dance before the rich men (the landlords) and the landlord pick any girl of their choice. Sugni, a girl who does not like this custom, tries everything possible to stop it. She states the importance of belonging to only one man. Because of her bravery, a landlord, Vikram Thakur Singh falls in love with Sugni. They plan to get married even though everyone is against it, including Gulabi, Sugni’s mother. Gulabi discovers that Riva, Vikram’s wife is still alive (she was believed to be dead after a car accident a year ago). Gulabi tries to caution Sugni who does not believed her, being blinded by love. Gulabi tells Aditya, Vikram’s nephew about the fact that Riva was still alive and they manage to expose Vikram to Sugni on their wedding day. Heartbroken, Sugni decides to go back to being a Bedni. When she tries to sell herself, Aditya buys her as a servant in their house. Vikram becomes possessive and tries to divorce Riva so that he can marry Sugni but fails.

Showing on Televista TV (DsTV Channel 194 & GoTV Channel 15): Every weekday, 3:00 PM & 9:00 PM local time (WAT)

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