BRKD – A Tale of Fickle Relationships

By on November 30, 2017

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan translates to “a tale of fickle relationships”. It is the story of relationships and the fight against patriarchal society. The majority of the series occurs within the spacious Asthana family home. Balraj Asthana, as the patriarch of the family, believes he can control the behavior of those in the house. However, each member of the family carries several secrets that they hide from each other.

Balraj’s elder brother, Kailash, died mysteriously years earlier. His widow, Aloka, and their three children live in the house: Akhil, Agasthya, and Deepika. Akhil is a dutiful officer of the law, whose wife Shyama also carries secrets. Together they have a daughter, Rimi.

Balraj, as well, is presented as a widower. He has three living children. The three daughters are Pallavi, Nupur, and Anuja. Pallavi defied her father’s wishes and married a writer named Niranjan. He often seems to have a soft heart and soft mind, but a deep and clever character lies beneath.

Aniruddh Asthana married Nandini, whose father formerly owned the house in which the Asthana family now lives. Balraj deeply loved his son, but was infuriated that the marriage had not yet produced any children.

Holding the house together is Beeji. She was taken in by the Asthana family when Balraj and Kailash were still children, and promised their family that she would take care of them. When Balraj’s wife Uma never returned from hospital, Beeji raised the children as her own.

The family is thrown into mourning when Ani suddenly dies in a tragic car accident. Shortly thereafter, his lover Meera arrives at the Asthana house, unaware that Ani was married.

When Balraj discovers that Meera is pregnant with Ani’s child, he concocts a scheme to ensure that a heir is produced to inherit Balraj’s estate. As the series progresses, it is revealed that Meera’s family is intertwined with the Asthanas in ways that could reveal Balraj’s deepest secrets.

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