Chicago & Parts Of US Freeze To Death, As It Gets Colder Than Antarctica At -40 Celsius

By on January 31, 2019

Global warming is real, and its effects are manifesting in the most bizarre possible way — as a bone-chilling cold wave gripping most of North America, thanks to an arctic polar vortex.

In fact, across Chicago and some parts of US have been hit so hard by the polar vortex, temperatures there have plummeted lower than Antarctica at -40 degree celsius.

According to reports, federal and state officials are asking all residents from the affected northern states to stay indoors and stay warm, as the worst cold weather in a few decades hits US making life itself pretty dangerous.

Health advisory has been issued out warning people of the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite from the record chill, which meteorologists expect to last for another two months, according to the Independent.

The city of Chicago at -40 degree celsius is actually colder than Antarctica (where summer time temperature is hovering at -27 degree celsius), North Pole and Alaska. This is unprecedented in US history.

Schools and US postal service remain closed across the states affected by the severe cold weather in the US, and over 2,000 flights remain grounded due to dangerous weather as well.

According to Reuters, the record cold weather sweeping across the US right now is due to the polar vortex. It is a stream of cold air that spins around the stratosphere over the North Pole, but whose current has been disrupted and is now pushing south into the United States.

And experts are blaming the polar vortex disturbances down to global warming, and weather patterns changing due to human activity.

The record chill gripping US right now prompted President Trump to tweet, asking global warming to make a return for ‘beautiful Midwest’ in the country.

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