Clara asks Christian to help her get revenge | Mara Clara Ep. 9

By on October 27, 2016

In retaliation for not getting invited to Kaye’s party, Clara asks Christian to help her get revenge. Christian leaves with the whole basketball team in tow, making the party a flop.

Speaking of Christian, Mara’s article about him in the school paper earns accolades from everyone. In addition, Clara gives Mara a make over which obviously fascinates Christian. Desiree then taunts Clara that Mara might just steal everything away from her – including Christian.

In the meantime, Gary and Lupe are ambushed by a group of men on their way home. Could this have anything to do with Gary butting heads with Loverboy’s right hand man, Simeon? After all, Loverboy has just rewarded Gary’s loyalty by assigning him additional territory formerly handled by Simeon.

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