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By on November 3, 2015
TelevistaTV Mali

Mali revolves around the lives of an affluent family, rich to the bone but like every family of this nature, plagued with deeper public hidden issues. The polygamous patriarch of the family is a chauvinist who runs his two homes like a military camp.

The family members are different in character, cultural, social and economic status but are all embroiled in effervescent tales of love, money, power, self gain, seduction and success.

The drama unfolds when the patriarch; Mr. G Mali, collapses and dies without leaving a will behind. This leaves his two families embroiled in a journey of greed, deceit, division and discovery of horrifying family and personal secrets that would have best remained hidden.

Mali is a story of obsession to do what is right but also get what is owed. MALI will take audiences through a journey of extremes that society, the family unit and the individual would go to in the pursuit of love, money and ultimate happiness.

Mali takes its audiences beyond the trappings of affluence to the reality of a family broken and divided and the personal and collective journeys each member makes to reunite the single family unit despite personal odds and societal differences.

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