Coming Up Next: Tashan E Ishq

By on August 6, 2018

A high-voltage drama is indicated in the upcoming episodes of our favorite televista series “Tashan E Ishq”, wherein Rocky will finally accept that he is Kunj! As per the latest spoiler, Kunj will get to know the truth about Twinkle and Yuvi’s relationship, and he will reveal his identity in front of his entire family and also apologise for all the pain that he gave them. Usha, happy to see her son alive, expresses her desire to get Kunj and Twinkle married. So, she plans to call off Twinkle and Yuvi’s marriage.

However, Leela is against the same. Twinkle is unhappy too as she feels nobody is enquiring with her about her desire. On the other hand, Kunj decides to win her trust back, whereas Yuvi distances himself from Twinkle.

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