Daytime Naps Help You Make Challenging Decisions, Apart From Increasing Your Efficiency At Work

By on October 17, 2018

Heard of the proverb I’ll sleep on it? Well, as it turns out doing so literally can benefit you in more ways than you know. Especially when it comes to improving your productivity and alertness during the day. If you want to energize yourself in the middle of a workday, try nodding off for 20 minutes. Daytime sleeping is the best boost that doctors order.

An afternoon nap is best taken-you guessed it -between 1 to 4 pm in the afternoon, and a Japanese study further narrows down the best napping time to a twenty-minute snooze at 2 pm. Research says that this afternoon hour helps produce the most long-lasting feelings of alertness.

To ensure top functioning through the day, many experts prescribe a short daytime snooze. “Afternoon naps are refreshing. They reduce stress, elevate one’s mood, help cardiovascular functions and boost alertness and performance at work,”

Studies have found that taking a siesta not only goes a long way in improving memory and blood pressure, but it also works better than your daily dose of coffee, effectively saving you from the harmful effects of caffeine.

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