Demi Lovato Reveals She’s ‘Sexually Fluid’, Here’s What That Means

By on March 15, 2018

If you haven’t had the chance to sit through a course on ‘gender and sexuality’, either in college or elsewhere, you might find the term ‘sexually fluid’ misleading (unless of course you’re fully acquainted with it). Luckily for those of us who aren’t, Demi Lovato’s most recent interview, where she speaks openly about her sexuality, can help us understand what the term really means in a practical context.

The beautiful Demi Lovato made headlines because of the fact that she revealed that she was sexually fluid in her recent interview with InStyle, which gives us a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into this area of sexuality; and no, it is not the same as being bisexual.

So, what does ‘sexually fluid’ mean?
Although the media recently speculated that Lovato could be bisexual, after they spotted her holding hands with another woman, she not only shut them down but officially came out to say that she’s sexually fluid in an interview with InStyle.

Being a man or woman are not the only form of genders human beings can take on. There’s also an already large and growing population transgender, agenders and several more that go beyond being a man or woman.

“I’m very fluid, and I think love is love,” said Lovato.
“You can find it in any gender. I like the freedom of being able to flirt with whoever I want,” claims Lovato.
Which simply means that she could find romantic love with anyone, regardless of their gender; even though she was with actor Wilmer Valderrama for six years.

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