Do you know a mosquito bite can actually tell you a lot about your health?

By on November 8, 2018

You only open the bedroom window for a little bit and in come at least a couple of those awful mosquitoes. Their annoying buzzing noise can keep you awake at night, but their bites aren’t any fun either. They can itch like crazy! But did you know a mosquito bite can actually tell you a lot about your health?

There are five ways the body can react to a mosquito bite.

Below you’ll find several ways to find out whether you’re allergic to mosquito bites and you’ll also read about the fives ways your body can react to a mosquito bite.

1. No reaction

Some people are really lucky and don’t have any reaction to a mosquito bite at all. The do get bitten, but they just don’t feel it. This is a very good sign because that means you’re not allergic (or sensitive) to the mosquito’s spit.

2. Small bump
A lot of people will get a bump in the spot they’ve been bitten by the mosquito. It often itches quite a lot and the bump will turn into a smaller, red bump pretty quickly. Your body needs a couple of days to recover from the bite.

3. Blisters
Have you been bitten by a mosquito and are you getting blisters because of it? Then you’re having an allergic reaction to the mosquito bite. The blisters often fill themselves with fluid but don’t be tempted to pop these blisters. Just leave the bite be as much as you can. Keep an eye on whether or not you’re experiencing other allergic reactions like swollen lymph nodes or headaches. Treat the blister with something like Calamine lotion.

4. Hives
One of the most severe reactions to a mosquito bite is getting hives. If you have hives after getting bitten by a mosquito, you’ve got large welts on your body. But this can also be accompanied by a headache, fever, fatigue or swollen lymph nodes. Even though hives are something a lot of people will have experienced at some point, it’s a good idea to contact a doctor if this happens to you.

5. Anaphylactic shock
People who are seriously allergic to mosquito bites can even go into anaphylactic shock after they’ve been bitten. If this happens, you should immediately find medical help. Symptoms of anaphylactic shock can be shortness of breath, swelling, dizziness and wheezing.

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