Do you need a reason to why you should be watching ‘Part of Me, Here is one…

By on November 2, 2018

Part of Me. A fantastic gem of a Spanish telenovela currently airing on Televista. Produced by Telemundo (an American Spanish-language television network) the basic plot centers around two women – 53-year-old famous pianist Monica from LA and 20-something waitress Adriana from Mexico City. Both die and somehow, through a bunch of bizarre circumstances involving a ‘talisman’, Monica’s soul ends up taking over Adriana’s body (while Adriana’s soul is wandering around lost apparently).

Monica is (was?) married to creepy ‘gigolo’ Gerardo who is basically a gold digger and is having an affair with villain Elena (Monica’s niece). Adriana has the lucky fortune of being the girlfriend of Diego – a super attractive mechanic who worships the ground she walks on. Long story short – will Adriana’s soul be reunited with her body, and therefore, will she be reunited with Diego?! Or will Monica, in Adriana’s body, continue to lay claim so she can get close to her daughters and save them from an unknown threat?

Throw in a few murders, stints in jail, various other romances, a paranormal talk show host and a psychic dog and you have all the ingredients for a highly addictive show. The added bonus is, getting hooked will be relatively short term – unlike American and Australian soaps that can go on forever, this one has (only) 154 episodes.

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