Emeralds: Esmeralda Ortega is a tigress

By on January 30, 2018

Esmeralda Ortega is the only one who can tame her father, Patricio Ortega. In fact, she is the only one who sincerely defends him because she truly loves him. Thanks to her advantageous financial conditions and her mother´s – Gladys – overprotection, Esmeralda is an elegant, refined and well-mannered young lady. Even though she comes from a small town, she had the opportunity to get an education in Europe and this is why she has been influenced by a world that goes beyond the regional borders. She is cultured and has a calm temper. However, she loves the country, horses and the appeasement of the simple life. She is sweet, smart and sensible. She stores a balanced and fair character in her heart that disagrees with her father´s outbursts. Her sweetness and beauty produces in the Guerrero brothers a spell very similar to the one caused by the precious stone of the zone. They both fall in love with her and life will not reward her with love, making her destiny a tragedy.

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