Emeralds: Know more about the “capo”

By on February 5, 2018

Patricio Ortega well known as the strongest emerald boss. Married, has one daughter and earns people´s respect with force and will. He is street smart, intelligent, he is always one step ahead of everyone else. The “capo”, the chief. His weakness is his daughter, Esmeralda. He would rather give up his throne than give his daughter to a man he doesn’t like. He is malicious, a strategist, suspicious of everyone else and his motto is: “I´m the boss here”. He has a child with every woman he sleeps with and turns all of them into his godsons or goddaughters. Everybody in town knows Patricio Ortega´s modus operandi, including his wife, but nobody dares to confront him and even least, to publish it. Not only will he have to fight against the Cacique Casas and Zarco, who want to take his throne, but he will also have to deal with the new exodus of people arriving in town in search of the emerald bonanza. Patricio Ortega is the owner, boss and lord of the commerce and distribution of the emerald market in the region, thanks to the fact that he has his own distribution network; this network operates by paying off everyone from the mine´s guard, to the bank´s manager, all the way to the army, who carries out the road blocks on the way to Bogota.

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