En otra piel (Part of Me); showing weekdays on TelevistaTV

By on November 2, 2018
Part of me

Two women share a tragic and supernatural destiny that binds them together even after death. Monica Serrano, a world-renowned pianist with an impressive fortune, dies after the betrayal of her ambitious niece and the man she loves. But by way of a mysterious talisman, Monica’s soul, which does not accept departing from this world, occupies the body of Adriana Aguilar, a modest waitress that dies at the hands of a dangerous gangster. Now, in Adriana’s body, Monica’s soul will do the impossible to defend her children and seek justice while Adriana’s soul wanders this world. Motivated by love, Adriana decides to recover her body, but Monica will resist this until her mission has been completed.

Showing on TelevistaTV (DsTV Channel 194 & GoTV Channel 15): Every weekday, 12:00 PM & 06:00 PM local time (WAT)

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