Flashback Friday; How Tenten and Serena met, only to part again.

By on February 1, 2019

The story revolves around the life of two orphans, Serena and Simon, who live worlds apart.

Serena, a daughter of Filipino war refugees, was adopted by a rich Italian who is married to a Filipina, who tries hard to conceal her heritage by speaking pure Italian and forgetting about Filipino culture.

Although she grows up in a rich household, Serena is does not want to think she is superior to other people. She eats with their servants, plays with other children, and eats common food.

Serena’s only luxury is reading the tale of a sad princess and an ordinary man who will change each other’s lives.

One day, Serena found out the truth about her past. She wept upon learning that she is just an adopted daughter. But her longing for her biological parents slowly vanishes when her loving nanny cheers her up.

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