Here Are 6 Lies You Must Have Told Your Partner Which Are Nothing But Healthy

By on May 4, 2018

Being a hundred percent honest with your partner is ideal but not always possible. Anyone who says they’ve never lied to their partner, is more often than not, lying. A lie doesn’t necessarily have to be a life-changing piece of information. Sometimes you have to lie just to keep yourselves from going crazy or hurting your partner’s feelings.

Below are 6 harmless relationship lies couple tell only because they love each other!

1. When your partner gives you a gift, you tell them you wanted it for a very long time even if is the last thing you wanted.

2. The answer to “Are you busy?” is a “No darling” even if you are super busy.

3. When they cook for you, you just smile assuring them its the best food you’ve had even if it doesn’t taste the best.

4. When your partner asks you if you are fine with waking up early for a quick morning breakfast the next day, you end up saying “Sure”, even when you really don’t want to.

5. Lies like “No he is not as hot as you” or “She is not as pretty as you” remain.

6. When your significant other had a great day, you tell them you did too because you just don’t want to bring them down, even though your day was nothing but pathetic.

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