Idris Elba Says He Wants ‘To Be’ Donald Glover

By on March 14, 2019

Idris Elba isn’t content with just stealing hearts, he’s working towards a career that stretches his abilities.

The award-winning actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he continues to be professionally motivated by all that Donald Glover has been able to accomplish.

“I want to be Donald Glover,” Elba said. “He’s the man. He literally does it all.”

As an award-winning rapper, writer, comedienne, actor, DJ, and television auteur, Glover provides a powerful example of how to diversify a career in entertainment.

“My career is more like a buffet, and I like it that way,” he explained, noting that he often takes roles that he feels others would be satisfied with. “It’s what keeps me alive and interested.”

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