If only Ep.2: Marietta demands support from Ignacio

By on August 15, 2017
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Marietta and Carissa become pregnant at the same time.

Marietta demands support from Ignacio, but he abandons her instead.

In the interim, Carissa refuses her mother’s order to put up her baby for adoption. She then seeks shelter at Marietta’s house.

Coincidentally, Carissa and Marietta give birth to their respective babies on the same night. Regrettably, Marietta’s son is diagnosed with a heart defect. Convinced by Elvira that he will have a better chance of survival with Carissa’s family, Marietta switches her son with Carissa’s daughter.

Edmund reiterates his marriage offer to Carissa and gives his name to the child.
Thus, baby Francis de la Vega is taken to the United States for the treatment of his heart condition.

Meanwhile, Marietta does not have any affection for Carissa’s real child, Sarah. Lucky for Sarah, grandfather Bernardo and brother Leonel more than make up for Marietta’s shortcomings.

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