IF Only Ep.22 : Sarah is compelled to breakup with Francis

By on September 12, 2017

Marietta convinced Francis with the help of Ignancio not to have a joint party with Sarah, he agreed.
On the other hand, Carissa and her family were fully prepared to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. They all thought that Francis, along with his family, will come along. But they were disappointed because Marietta decided to have a separate party for Francis in their own house.

Despite that, Leonel still chose to go to Sarah’s party to give his gift to her. Sarah accepted it, and forgave him for his recent wrong doings.
Adelina wasn’t able to resist that she could not see her grandson on his birthday, so she secretly met Francis at Ignacio’s place. Adelina gave money to Ignacio to support Francis’ medical bills, but Ignacio has a hidden agenda. He’s stealing some of the money that Carissa’s family is giving to support Francis’ needs.

Meanwhile, Leonel finally met his boss. His boss asked Leonel if he ever had an idea on what’s he delivering and what organization he is about to enter. Leonel checked the box on his delivery, and knew that he has been delivering drugs.

Upon knowing this, Leonel still chose to join the Organization; he wants to prove to his family that he could be a progressive young man and he could be better than Francis.
Adelina’s investigator found out that Ignacio was up to something bad. They also found out about his police case background.

Marietta spoke to Sarah about her relationship with Francis. She begged her to stop whatever relationship they have for the sake of Francis’ health. Somehow, Marietta convinced Sarah to do it.

Will Carissa and her family find out what Ignacio is really up to? And will Sarah be able to end her relationship with Francis?

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