IF Only Ep.23: Francis is not giving up on Sarah.

By on September 13, 2017

On one delivery one night, Leonel was been trailed by the police, he noticed on time and blended well with ordinary people. Sarah at this moment was bothered by the words of Marietta, who insisted she ends things with Francis.
Francis taught to surprise Sarah was big idea on their first week as a couple, He took her out to a eatery and then after they had an eventful day. This affected Francis immensely as he was rushed to the hospital afterwards.

Anton, Leonel’s boss, was impressed on Leonel’s ability and skills. He promoted him to a higher position in their organization, and gave him a brand new car.

Sarah realizing she can’t stand to see Francis break down all the time, so she took to Marietta’s advice and broke up with Francis.

Francis is not giving up on Sarah.

What will happen to Leonel and Francis? Will Sarah come back to Francis?

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