IF Only Ep.27: Aton opened up to Leonel about his past.

By on September 19, 2017

Ignacio joined the organisation of Leonel without his approval. Leonel realizing the danger he’s in, watched his back judiciously. One night while Ignacio was making a delivery, Francis tailed him and ended up finding out Leonel had a condo, after Ignacio went there to give him a situation report.

Marietta and her family drops the idea of suing Adelina over their share of the cooperative, Carissa on the other hand won’t be hindered from filing a law suit against the Beltrans.
Carissa knew Leonel’s intention of courting Sarah, she strongly disagrees and forbids him from visiting their home.

One night, Marietta and Ignacio visited Leonel’s condo unit only to find Aton there, surprised Aton took the opportunity to tell Leonel he’s is true father. He begged Marietta to make up for his absent years.

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