Jodha Akbar – Handling Wife or Wives, Learn the Akbar style!

By on April 10, 2017

Often men have one contention or the other about their respective wife. which is a great wonder, “What would have been the dilemma of the kings, the big landlords who once had so many wives, especially the Mughal Emperor Akbar who had more than 300 wives?

Emperor Akbar the great had 3 chief queens as opposed to one in contrast to the other Mughal Emperor who usually have one.

We hardly give importance to the 297 other wives of Akbar, our main interest is in his three chief wives Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Salima Begum and Mariam –Uz – Zamnai aka Jodha bai. Again, it is quite a known fact that Salima being Bairam Khan’s wife would not have been eyeing for any special attention from Akbar, this further reduces Akbar’s tension. Even then, there remains two women Ruqaiya and Jodha.

How would Akbar handle the two ladies? Even though Akbar would have been a great king outside he would pull his hair in frustration like the contemporary men every time when he had to face the women problem in the royal harem.

Let’s take a look at Akbar’s style of handling this two women

1. He tries very much not to take sides, we obviously knows He loves Jodha Bai more

2. He seeks fairness and fairness alone.

3. Akbar tries very much to hide about how he feels about his other wife, it saves him alot of heart ache.

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