Jodha Akbar – What is so wrong about finding a wife for your son?

By on May 17, 2017

Crowned prince Salim is now 17 years old, a age suitable for him to leave the veranda of bachelorhood and enter into the sanctitude of marriage in the olden-days India. His mother the revered Queen Jodha wasted no time in proposing her brothers’ daughters of royal descent to him, little did she know, he had no interest in them. Salim have fallen in love with a young maiden from his past.

One question persist though as the story develops, what is so wrong about finding a wife for your son?
After-all Queen Jodha herself didn’t marry out of will but out of the necessity of saving her people from the sword of the then hard heart-ed Emperor Jalaludin.
Queen Jodha’s intentions are no doubt of pure content,however, would it end well with Salim who is still trying to condone her for abandoning him as a child to learn warfare.

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