Laura: How Laura Montoya ended her journey.

By on April 20, 2018

To Laura, since she was a girl her world fell apart. Since she was seven years old, Laura intuited that her life would not be similar to other women’s lives. She resigned to earthly related things, defying society’s rules, which established that all women of that time should be wives and mothers. She devoted her life to struggle for her ideals and change the history of those who have been forgotten. She was a bad student, excellent teacher, the youngest director of a mental hospital, she was raised at an orphanage, she dreamt about being a nun, but she never lived at a convent. Loved and hated by priests, she managed to gather five of her friends in order to pursue an adventure never done before: ride a mule into the jeep jungle and meet the indigenous tribe that had been forgotten by society. In 1903 she decided to go to Rome and approach the Pope seeking for recognition for her community, but unfortunately she died without achieving it.

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