Laura: The toughest decision Fabiola Upegui made was splitting up her kids

By on March 22, 2018

Fabiola is a widow with three kids, Clarisa, Laura and Jose and was left alone in a world where women could not even inherit their husband’s possessions. Poor since she was a child, but also “liberal” in a sense because she dedicated her life to teach. Lots of strength was required in order to make tough decisions and manage to successfully take her children out of poverty. The toughest decision she had to make was splitting up her kids because she could not afford to keep them together due to economic issues. She thought about sending Clarisa to another family but instead she ended up sending Laura. In an amazing act of courage she decides at the age of 60 to go and perform missionary work in the deep jungle with Laura. There she will show what she’s made of and she will become not only Laura’s mother but also the mother for the young group of girls that decided to go as missionaries.

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