Mariana and Scarlett: Everything you should know about Mariana.

By on September 11, 2017
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Mariana is a sweet and caring woman. She works at one of the textile stores of the well known White family as a salesclerk where she has no opportunity to create or design, which is what she really wants to do or even been able to study given the economic situation of her family. She would have never thought that the love of her life would be Roberto White, the owner of the famous textile and fashion design company where she works. She feels that her father doesn’t love her very much, because she believes that he has always loved her sister more. She dreams of having a fashion design workshop where they make exclusive clothes designed by her, but in order to achieve this she will have to overcome the hardest tests of her life where she will also experience love, even if she has to confront an enemy she would have never imagined: her sister.

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