Maya returns to the Lim household | Be Careful With My Heart Ep. 8

By on October 27, 2016

After being able to cool down and think things over, Maya returns to the Lim household and finds everybody excited that she’s back. Except for Nicky and Luke. Though they find her ways annoying, her effect on the atmosphere in the house is undeniable even to the siblings. They have started to regularly kiss their younger sister goodbye when they leave for school.

Maya is disappointed at not getting an apology from her Boss, but she gets something a lot better instead. She is told to enrol immediately and is given P20,000.00 for her enrolment fee. She calls her sister, Kute, and tells her about the good news. Not wanting to make her sister worry, Kute does not tell Maya that they were already packing to move out and that they are going to lose their house because of their unpaid debts.

Maya eventually learns of the problem and tells Kute that she will find a way to remedy this. Everyone in the Lim household notices the change in her bearing. She is hesitant to ask Richard for an advance as he had already given him money for her schooling. But she gathers enough courage to ask for his assistance. Her Boss asks for time to think it over

The following morning, that radiant smile on the usually happy face of Maya is back as Richard grants her request. But, as she was sending the money to her kin, Abby goes on a tantrum when she finds out that her Nanny is not around.

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