Meet The Woman Who Created The #SaggyBoobsMatter Movement

By on February 12, 2018

23-year-old blogger, Chidera Eggerue, (a.k.a The Slumflower) has taken her initial resent for her drooping breasts, when she used to dream about getting a boob job, and turned it around for the good through her award-winning blog Saggy Boobs Matter.

In the process of learning to love her body in its natural form, British blogger Eggerue became an internet sensation by challenging the norm and teaching women how to embrace their breasts just the way they are.
Better known online as the Slumflower, Eggerue’s social media campaign, #SaggyBoobsMatter, was aimed to inspire and look beyond ‘modifying’ their bodies after undergoing a lifelong battle with her own breasts.

“I created the hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter because women are shamed when their bodies don’t appease the male gaze,” Eggerue wrote on Instagram. “Saggy boobs are underrepresented. Being underrepresented makes you feel alien to society.”

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