Mom Becomes Human Shield For Her Baby As Glass And Hail Smash Through Her Car Window

By on October 15, 2018

Moms are a force to reckon with, especially when it comes to their kids. So, when giant hailstones smashed the window of her car, exposing her baby to glass and ice, this mother decided to use her own body as a shield to protect her.

Fiona Simpson was driving in Kingaroy with her baby and grandma when the tornado hit. The hail was so intense that it smashed her car’s glass.

“(The window) just blew out all in one go, just glass went everywhere in the car, so I just took off my seatbelt, climbed through the back and just laid on top of her, hoping to wait the storm out,” Ten Daily quotes her as saying.

Fiona seriously bruised her arms and her back as the hail pounded on her. Some reports even claim that the hailstones lashing southern Queensland were as big as tennis balls.

“I couldn’t focus on the pain, all I could focus on was just laying over the top of her and protecting her from the hail, there wasn’t really time to worry about anything else,” she said on.

The tornado proved to be very destructive as it uprooted trees, razed houses to the ground and cut off the power.

Fiona’s baby suffered a head injury, despite her best efforts to shield her from the hail. In her latest Facebook post, Fiona wrote ‘Thought I’d let everyone know that Clara and I are safe at home. Grandma is recovering in hospital and will be home soon.’

People on the internet are all praises for this valiant mom and the way she protected her baby.

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