No Greater Love Ep. 72 :- Gabriel gets the most shocking news about Jacq

By on June 16, 2017
coco martin

Jacq bid farewell to Isabelle. Tessa called up Natalia; she told her the unexpected changes that took place in their home. Jacq finally stayed with Franco. She had many questions about her mother. Franco acquitted Isabelle but put all the blame on Samuel for all the troubles their family had undergone. Samuel was happy living with Gabriel. He wanted to destroy Franco through legal means but Samuel did not agree. He knew Franco’s shrewdness. He revealed to Samuel that it was Franco who told him that he was responsible for the ship explosion and the death of his mother. Samuel, together with Gabriel, Calixto, and Mark, went to Franco’s accountant to verify his illegal transactions. While waiting, Gabriel had the chance to tell Samuel his displeasure to his father. Samuel witnessed the hatred Gabriel had in his heart. Samuel and Gabriel read in the papers the news about Jacq, the newly found daughter of Franco Hidalgo. Gabriel unmoved by the news, met Jacq and broke up with her. He would take his revenge against Franco, Jacq’s father. A welcome party was being prepared for Jacq.

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