No Greater Love Ep.73:- Isabelle continues to pretend she has amnesia

By on June 19, 2017

It was Jacq’s welcome party. Isabelle went to the party regardless of the consequences she might encounter. Natalia wanted her out of the party but Jacq intervened. Franco rejoiced when he saw Isabelle. He told the two girls that she was their mother. Esther and Roger told Franco that his wife had amnesia. Tessa would not allow Isabelle to take Franco from her. Isabelle continued pretending she had amnesia for her safety and for the sake of Natalia and Jacq. Samuel was worried because Gabriel was using Natalia for his revenge. Several men fired at Samuel’s house. He was rushed to the hospital because he was in critical condition. Gabriel donated his blood. Calixto and Lupe were very much upset. They eventually revealed Gabriel that Samuel was his real father. The love for his father was the dictate of his heart. Gabriel, wanted the love of his father…