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By on June 14, 2018

Genre – Romantic telenovela

Patricia Campos, her two sisters, Virginia and Mariela, and her brother, David Campos, have grown up under the iron hand of their grandmother, Ursula, a wealthy landowner with a stern and domineering personality. Despite Ursula’s disapproval, the teenage Patricia becomes romantically involved with Marcos, a poor farm hand—but the relationship comes to a tragic end when he is mortally wounded. Years later, still marked by the loss of Marcos, Patricia has become a bitter woman whose heart is closed to love, and has drowned her sorrow by devoting all her time to managing the family ranch as strictly as her grandmother.

The arrival of the handsome, charming, and self-assured foreman just hired at the ranch, Armando Marcano, drastically changes Patricia’s life. Armando has a sister, Rebecca. While at first Patricia fights hard against the feelings he inspires in her, rejecting him, passion ends up taking over both of them and Patricia falls deeply in love. But once again, happiness will not be easy to achieve. Aside from facing her grandmother’s opposition to her relationship with someone she considers beneath her, Patricia is up against a formidable rival: her beautiful and wicked cousin Fedora (Jessica Mass), who wants Armando for herself. The situation becomes even more difficult when Marcos suddenly reappears, very much alive and now a rich, ruthless man who’ll stop at nothing to get Patricia back.

Showing on Televista TV (DsTV Channel 194 & GoTV Channel 15): Every weekday,02:00 PM & 08:00 PM local time (WAT)

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