Pavitra Rishta (Story so far…)

By on June 23, 2016
Pavitra Rishta

Pari is shown as Arjun and Purvi’s daughter, who was Naren’s lost girlfriend Ahana. She enters Ankita and Naren’s paradise. Naren gets his memory back, all thanks to Ankita as she conducts an fire experiment as suggested by his doctor, risking her life. Naren doesn’t recognize her and refuses to regard her as his wife. Ankita had no other option than to accept the fact that Naren loves only Ahana, ie Pari and not her. She sacrifices for Naren’s happy and gets him married to Pari. Pari acts selfish and accuses Ankita for carrying someone else child. Even Naren’s mother Rushaali shows the fake contract duly signed by Ankita which states that Ankita married Naren for money and the marriage is null once he gets fine. Ankita moves to Banaras after getting insulted by Rushaali and Pari.

Pari gets pregnant and awaits for her delivery eagerly. Meanwhile Naren gets flashbacks of Ankita as he forgotten her completely. Pari meets with an accident and her baby dies in her womb making her bitter about life and her lovely equation changes with Naren. She holds Naren responsible for her baby’s death and immersed herself in business. Rushaali comes to know about Ankita carrying Naren’s child and steals her baby from the hospital, the moment she was born. She brings her home and names her Ashi. The show heads for 5 years leap then. Ashi is seen loved and pampered by Naren while Pari refuses to give her motherly love. Ashi longs for her mother’s love and thinks to find a good wife for her dad. She meets Ankita in Banaras. Ankita decides to move on with the guy Ranvijay with whose family she has been living with since 5 years.

Ankita takes care of Ranvijay’s daughter Vaishnavi and gives an approval to marriage for Vaishnavi’s sake. On the day of her marriage, Pari does Ranvijay’s accident and he slips into coma. Naren takes him to the hospital. Ankita holds Naren’s guilty and slaps a case against him. Naren loses his home and business inorder to protect his wife Pari. Ankita thinks Naren has changed and questions herself how can she love a selfish guy like Naren. She starts hating him. Manav appoints Ankita as new MD of his company. Naren and Pari work under Ankita. Pari gets jealous and thinks to snatch business from Ankita.

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