Pavitra Rishta (Story so far, continue)

By on June 24, 2016
Ankita 191

Later she comes to know about Ashi being Ankita’s daughter. Pari kidnaps Ashi and gives her to a childless couple. However Ankita saves Ashi and gets to know about Ashi’s real identity. Naren gets equally touched as he always felt some connection with Ashi. Ashi gets happy knowing Ankita is her real mum. Naren gets disgusted knowing Pari’s hatred towards Ankita and Ashi. He decides to divorce her and marry Ankita. Pari tries hard to take him on her side, but fails. Her hatred brings Naren closer to Ankita. Ankita gets Manav return Naren his home and business. She walks out of his home, unable to take Pari’s taunts any longer. Naren gets an attack and recalls everything about Ankita. He wishes to marry Ankita. Pari asks someone to give some injection to Ranvijay which makes a person to come out of coma or die. Fortunately Ranvijay gets well. Pari fills his ears against Naren and asks him not to let Ankita marry Naren. Ranvijay agrees with her and asks Ankita to marry him soon. Ankita gets shocked, but then decides to speak her heart out. She tells Ranvijay that she can’t marry him as she loves Naren very much. Ranvijay respects her decision as she has spoken about her happiness. He gives her hand in Naren’s hand surprising Ankita. Ankita thanks him for understanding.

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