People Who Sleep For More Than 8 Hours Or Less Than 6 Hours Risk Premature Death

By on December 18, 2018

While sleeping less is associated with a host of diseases, including the likes of an increased risk of heart failure as well a heightened risk of cancer, sleeping more than eight hours or more increases your death rate!

A recent study suggests that sleeping more than the ten hours can increase the risk deaths by up to 41 percent!

While sleeping between nine and ten hours a day increased your risk by 17 percent.
This happens possibly because people have underlying conditions that cause them to sleep longer, raising their risk of cardiovascular diseases or even death, state the authors of the study.

“Daytime napping was associated with increased risks of major cardiovascular events and deaths in those with [more than] six hours of nighttime sleep but not in those sleeping [less than] 6 hours a night,” said one of the researchers, Chuangshi Wang, reported ANI News.

The researchers also reported that sleeping for less than six hours can increase your by up to nine percent.
People who sleep lesser than what is recommended can use a daytime nap to make up the time they missed out at night, state the research conducted at the McMaster and Peking Union Medical College.

“Our study shows that the optimal duration of estimated sleep is six to eight hours per day for adults,” said Chuangshi Wang, a PhD student at McMaster University in Canada, reports PTI.

“Given that this is an observational study that can only show an association rather than proving a causal relationship, we cannot say that too much sleep per se causes cardiovascular diseases,” Wang said, lead author of the study published in the European Heart Journal.

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