Potato Is Healthier Than You Think, Here’s Why

By on October 25, 2018

Potatoes have earned a bad rap due to their starch and carbohydrate content. While potatoes contain a decent number of calories and contain high-glycemic index carbohydrates (spike your sugar levels), there’s a lot more to consider before shunning the potato for good.

Here the information you need to consider while deciding if the humble potato is for you or not:

Its calorie content

A medium sized potato contains only 100 calories. If cooked it remains healthy and within this range. The problem arises in the preparation, as the way they are prepared can dictate the whether they remain in their natural state or not. You can bet fried potato chips, french fries, and any form of potatoes that is processed is possibly much higher in it’s calorie count.

It has quite a few nutrients, including protein
The old good russet potatoes actually contain protein. We agree that the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of potatoes is not exactly a healthy food, but they do contain a fair amount of nutrients including protein. Interestingly, a medium-sized potato contains almost 9 per cent of the daily recommended amount of protein, for someone following 2,000-calorie-diet.

They also contain a good amount of fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, sodium and manganese. The skin of the potatoes contains quite a bit of the fibre and nutrients, so keep that in consideration when you’re cooking them.

It is satiating enough to prevent you from eating junk food
Potatoes have one of the highest satiating ratings and are even considered more satiating than croissants, according to a study, which has a pretty low satiety index rating.While a portion of baked potatoes far healthier than a packet of French fries it is also far more satiating in nature as well, keeping you fuller for longer.

It has no cholesterol
As long as you’re not eating fried or process potato of any kind (chips, fries, etc), potatoes by themselves have zero cholesterol. Not only do they have zero cholesterol they are loaded with antioxidants, which can eliminate free radicals that can cause chronic ailments, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Coloured potato, such as sweet potato, contain more antioxidants than the white variant.

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