Pres. Obama Not on Denzel’s List of People to Play.

By on July 2, 2015
Denzel Washington Attends 'The Taking Of Pelham 123' Press Junket

He may have played Malcolm X and Stephen Biko, but don’t expect Denzel Washington to play President Barack Obama anytime soon. Better yet, it may be good to just take Obama off the list.

“Barack Obama is a story that hasn’t finished yet. It’s not something I’m thinking about, and he’s busy,”

Washington responded when asked about portraying the commander-in-chief of America.
And while playing Obama isn’t at the top of Washington’s to do list, it’s a safe bet to say that the Oscar winner has his mind on pursuing a variety of different projects. Among them is a remake of “The Magnificent Seven” with film director Antoine Fuqua. The pair aren’t strangers to each other, considering Fuqua directed Washington in “Training Day” and “The Equalizer.”
Speaking on a sequel to that film, Washington downplayed any talk of a sequel by noting that such talk is too early. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Sony Pictures, Escape Artists, and Richard Wenk, who wrote the first Fuqua/Washington “The Equalizer,” from reportedly working on it.
“People will decide if I do ‘The Equalizer’ sequel, not me,” Washington told Variety Friday during the San Sebastian press conference at Spain’s 62nd San Sebastian Festival. “If it’s a good script, it’s something I’ll consider, but I’m not considering it right now.
In the meantime, Washington has more than enough to keep him busy. Case in point: his return to doing theater.
“My children are older now so now I’ve gone back to doing theater, which was my first love.,” the entertainer confessed. “It’s where I was trained and where I started my career … So I’m moving around more, directing, acting, producing deals, etc. So I’m trying to do a variety of things.”
In addition to the big screen, Washington also has his eyes on television. According to the entertainer, he is focusing and “working to produce but not looking to act in television,”

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