Reality: 5 things you’d get if you’re always late to work.

By on February 7, 2018
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Here are five things you’ll totally get if you’re always late to work, for genuine reasons or in-genuine reasons whatever the case might be.

1.You Miss Your Bus
…or the office cab. No matter which mode of transport you take, you miss it 99% of the time or you catch it at the last minute.

2. You Always Leave/Forget Something Behind
Your phone charger or your headphones or your lunch box – there’s at least one thing that you forget and the decision to either get it back or let it be is among the toughest of ‘em all.

3.Procrastination Is Your Area Of Expertise

It’s not just about reaching work late, but also about the whole idea of being late in whatever you do. You are an expert at procrastination and you delay things as much as you can.

4. It Takes You A Lot Of Convincing To Be On Time For Meetings
It takes a lot self-convincing for you to be on time for important meetings. You ask your work friends to cover for you if you are late because even if you try, you are still late.

5. Even When You’re On Time, The Universe Plots Against You

There will be extra traffic on the road, your cab takes the wrong route and you, the innocent little person, who just wanted to be on time gets late, AGAIN. All thanks to the universe plotting against you.

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