Reasons Why You Need To Bring Out The Cleanliness Freak Inside You Before Every Meal

By on June 16, 2017

Are you the ever-chilled out person who believes that you have strong immunity that which will never let you down? Be it hogging from the roadside or bravely relishing food on a highway (that do not provide tissues or finger-bowls after the meal), you clearly have no qualms in eating without washing your hands. If you can relate to this, here are some extremely valid reasons why you need to awaken the cleanliness freak in you, especially before your meals!

1. You travel for at least 2 hours a day which means you come into contact with a lot of disease-causing germs.

It’s not just the germ-filled air that you breathe in. You jostle past a sea of people, hold metro handles, come into contact with dirty cab seats and what not. If you are a typical metropolitan resident, then you would totally get it!

2. You must have used the washroom a couple of times (and you cannot even count the germs present there).
The pot is home to a million germs that stay in the air even after you flush. The least you should do is wash your hands, if not your clothes and face.

3. You must have shook hands with many friends and acquaintances during the day, and literally transferred germs.

Love-filled hugs and hand-shakes are cool, but not when you (or they) are straight out of the loo. Just a warning.

4. Your hand bag which you carry daily everywhere carries up to 10000 bacteria per square inch.

Your all-purpose hand bag might have a designated place at your home, but it travels all over the city with you and sits at nooks and corners which might not be hygienic. So, you can well imagine the condition of your hand, right?

5. Chopping vegetables and meat on the same cutting boards can harbor harmful bacteria.

Don’t be disgusted that they apparently accumulate 200% more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat! Just ensure that you use different cutting boards for vegetables, red meat, chicken and fish. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly.

6. You count a lot of cash and receive notes and coins almost 2-5 times a day.

The germs from a cash transaction can travel miles, literally! It gets passed on from one person to another.

7. Your towels, clothes and delicates are never 100% clean.

If you are under the impression that after a hot shower you are all spick and span, then let me burst your bubble. Some old laundry bacteria catch on to the freshly washed ones, and of course during the day, a whole lot of germs accumulate. Your towel is a major hub for all germs.
They are just all over the place!

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