Regular habits that are bad for you

By on August 13, 2017

You have regular checkups, you exercise, you sleep for the right amount of hours, drink the right amount of water; all of these in a bid to stay as healthy as possible, because these are all important to keep a healthy lifestyle.

However, there are still a few minor things that you could be doing wrong that are having adverse effects on your general well-being and just generally mess you up down the road.

Despite your best efforts, these common habits could be jeopardizing your good health:

1. Sitting for too long
As mundane as sitting is, it could be very bad for you, depending on how long and how frequently you do it.
Excessive sitting can be as serious as causing a heart disease or decreased mental health. Research indicates that sitting for too long for long stretches of time negatively affects sugar and fat metabolism in the body, and can increase a person’s risk of diabetes and heart disease.

2. Overexposure to electronic screens
This is probably a very well known fact, but it hasn’t really dissuaded anyone from carelessly exposing themselves to bright electronic screens, from computers, to phones, to television sets.
More than four hours of exposure to electronic screens can, depending on the rewiring it does on your body system, affect the effectiveness of insulin and raise the risk of type 2 diabetes

3. Using contact lenses for too long

So this is not a habit you’re expected to develop if you don’t naturally have an eye defect but it is a corrective measure that you should apply more carefully, and probably less frequently.
Contact lenses are directly applied to the eyes, thereby, blocking the important tissues from getting the right amount of oxygen that’s needed.
Used indiscriminately over a stretch of time, the corneas might suffer from the lack of adequate oxygen, and you could end up with a lot more problems.

4. Biting your fingernails
The human hand touches a lot of different things, clean and, more usually, dangerously unclean.
This is why the fingertips can be harbouring bacteria, as dangerous as salmonella or e. coli, at any point in time.
While biting the fingernails may not be as regular a habit for some as it is for others, it is quite easy, and very possible, to bite your nails from time to time for whatever reason.

5. Holding in your farts/sneezes
So you are a responsible social animal that recognizes social manners and thoroughly respects them.
But you’re also a regular human being who gets the occasional wink from nature down in your nether regions.
If you’re in the middle of company when nature dials you up, the most polite thing to do is excuse yourself and find the unfortunate space that’ll harbour the results.

However, if you can’t excuse yourself, the polite option would be to hold on to the abomination for as long as possible before you get your chance to smuggle it out.

6. Waking up to alarms

So it’s quite common to be a lousy sleeper who finds it hard to crawl out of bed without the constant droning of an alarm to be the bad guy.
According to Research by the National Institute of Industrial Health in Japan, waking up to the nuisance of an alarm could be a dangerous routine for your heart, as it can rush your adrenaline, causing higher blood pressure and heart rate.

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