River of Passion: Lina Maria stands out easily among other women.

By on October 26, 2017

Lina Maria Henao is a very attractive woman that comes to live at the countryside thanks to her father’s work. Before she had to move, she was in VI semester of Business Administration at a very prestigious university. Due to her father’s job transfer she had to suspend her college education. Lina lost her mother at birth, her father has taken care of her ever since. Maybe that is why Lina shows signs of being a spoiled, rebel and sometimes over the limit insolent little girl. In her opinion, the woman who takes care of her looks before her brain is worthy of rejection. For Lina, women must take a much more active role in society: they must occupy executive, important positions. They must be at the same level as men. Physically she has more of a European cut. She is the type of woman that stands out easily among other women.

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